Riding Solo

The days following Michael’s departure follow much of the same routine as before. Paul continues to search for a buyer for Tangerine Dream, and I get rid of items I no longer need whilst also buying some that I have been unable to find in smaller Vietnamese cities. We follow in Anthony Bourdain’s footsteps andContinue reading “Riding Solo”


On Michael’s last day morning, we make a quick visit to the War Remnants Museum. It is several floors of military equipment, varied propaganda and countless photographs. The photographs are graphic, they are gruesome. They present an era of untold suffering. As I walk through the exhibits, my stomach is in knots and my bloodContinue reading “Goodbyes”

Ho Chi Minh City

Our days in Ho Chi Minh City are nostalgia turned up high. Michael has only a few days left before he flies home. Paul will leave shortly thereafter. I notice that our days are lived out in acute awareness of our ticking clock, and we spend a lot of time reminiscing and telling our favoriteContinue reading “Ho Chi Minh City”

The Final Stretch

Pictured: Beers at our final stop. You know the drill: “cheers, we did not die today.” Our last ride together in Vietnam is on February 20th. We start our day slowly – hung over, of course – and my mind is both everywhere and nowhere at all. I am thinking of the kilometers that haveContinue reading “The Final Stretch”