Koh Rong Sanloem

I end up making the ferry to the island with just a few minutes to spare. I have chosen the fast ferry and the boat I am ushered onto is not very big. I make my way to the front of the boat, bumping into everything and everyone with my bags, helmet and other oddities.Continue reading “Koh Rong Sanloem”


March 16 I leave Yellow Sun on a Saturday afternoon, much later than intended. Between some final quick repairs on Jackie and errands in town, I am back at the hostel by lunch time. I delay my goodbye to the family as much as I can but then I really need to go. It isContinue reading “Tumble”


March 2nd, 2019 My first impressions of Cambodia are quite simple: it is hot, it is dusty and the people are incredibly friendly. After crossing the border, I immediately find myself on a regional highway. It is flanked on both sides by dry, empty fields. To one side I see some hilltops in the distance,Continue reading “Cambodia”

A Yellow Sun

I arrive at Yellow Sun Hostel on March 3rd. The hostel is located just outside of Kampot proper, roughly twenty minutes by motorbike. The reviews mention the road being in bad shape, and I am reminded of the many people that have warned me about riding my bike into Cambodia. “The roads are really bad,”Continue reading “A Yellow Sun”

Border Crossing

On March 1st I traveled northwest 117 kilometers from Cần Thơ to the border town of Châu Đốc. Having been told that mechanics in Cambodia are unlikely to want to service a Vietnamese motorbike, I spent my time getting some further repairs done on Jackie. I also had her washed, because sometimes you’ve got toContinue reading “Border Crossing”