May 4th, 2019. I’m interrupting the Vietnam motorbike journey with an exciting update. If you’ve been keeping up over the past few days you’ll know that in late January my travels took me to Hoi An, Vietnam. During my time there, I made a decision I had been ruminating on for a while. I decidedContinue reading “‘Straya”

3 Stooges and a Hai Van Pass

24 January 2019 I will be the first to admit that I am nervous to complete this drive in the dark. Granted, I’ve been pushing boundaries for a while and have handled everything thrown at me reasonably well. Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder whether this is a boundary I should leave alone. Of theContinue reading “3 Stooges and a Hai Van Pass”

Waterpark Wanderings + The Imperial City

We spend another two days in Hue due in no small part, again, to a killer hangover. Yes, there is a trend here and no, we aren’t going to judge it. Clay and I spend a full day bingeing on a show on Netflix while Paul spends said full day trying to get his phoneContinue reading “Waterpark Wanderings + The Imperial City”

An Ox Named Donald Trump

20 January 2019 On our first full day in Phong Nha we meet up with our friend Maeve and a new friend, Helena. It’s raining out but as it looks like this will be our only day together, we decide to go exploring anyway. The plan? A cave and a place called “duck stop.” TheContinue reading “An Ox Named Donald Trump”