A Very Hanoi New Year

Our third day in Hanoi is New Year’s Eve. I spend the day exploring the city with friends. We drink coffee, we play around on Hanoi’s famous train street. The guys go out on an expedition to get SIM cards for their phones. We talk to other backpackers, trying to figure out where we willContinue reading “A Very Hanoi New Year”

A Smile Bar Christmas

On Christmas Day I am the first one to wake up. I decide to kill time by making little Christmas cards for the guys. I sit in our darkened room drawing and painting while they sleep. As I sit, I soak up my contentment. I am hung over and it hurts. I am also, however, extraordinarilyContinue reading “A Smile Bar Christmas”

Glædelig Jul & Tiny Hearts

Our days in Luang Prabang fly by and though we had originally intended to spend Christmas there, we began to feel that we were ready to move on. Oh the joys of living one day to the next. We decide on a whim that we’ll join our friends Peter and Nicklas and head to VangContinue reading “Glædelig Jul & Tiny Hearts”

5 Hours

If my previous posts haven’t been clear enough indicators yet, the blessings in Pai were aplenty. Beautiful friends, stunning adventures, breathtaking moments and starry nights that turned into slow moving mornings. Another one of these blessings is that I made a best friend and travel partner. We met by chance, of course, and hit itContinue reading “5 Hours”

The Pai Hole

After 6 days in Yangon I fly back to Chiang Mai. I spend two days there before heading to Pai. I’ve mentioned this before, but there’s this joke among backpackers in Northern Thailand that when you go to Pai, you get stuck in what we call “the Pai hole”. After hearing countless stories of peopleContinue reading “The Pai Hole”