Schwedagon Pagoda

Driving into Yangon, the Schwedagon Pagoda cannot be missed. The top of the pagoda juts out of Yangon’s skyline, claiming its status. It is such a beautifully foreign sight that for a moment I am reminded of just how far away from home I am. I received the tip from my taxi driver Myo MinContinue reading “Schwedagon Pagoda”

Yangon Circle Train

I’ve officially been on the road for a little over a month now. I haven’t written in almost three weeks. I’ve been soaking it all up, and I’ll tell you, it’s a lot. Smells, views, places, people. Oh, the people. I’ve now made it to Luang Prabang in Laos. Life is slow here and IContinue reading “Yangon Circle Train”

When in Doubt, Follow the Monks

The first night I arrived in Yangon, I was overwhelmed. In truth, exploring any new place under cover of darkness is a little uncomfortable for me. In the dark, curious looks somehow feel menacing. Busy streets of traffic seem too busy. Too much; too impossible. On my first night, I didn’t explore much more thanContinue reading “When in Doubt, Follow the Monks”