The Seaside Bungalow

The Seaside Bungalow is something uniquely special. When Michael arrives on February 3rd we expect to spend one night – maybe two – there before moving on. Just enough to experience TET. And yet with each passing day, as Vy’s warm hospitality envelops us and we grow closer to the other guests staying there, weContinue reading “The Seaside Bungalow”

Change of Plans

The next few days in Hoi An pass by in a slow daze. I ride Elektra into the city and wander through the old town. I eat banh mi every day. I spend sunsets admiring the rice fields and water buffaloes lounging in the water. I wander along the beach. I meet my new Vietnamese friend atContinue reading “Change of Plans”

Hoi An

It appears that I am growing increasingly good at dropping off the grid. It has been three and a half months since I last wrote. It’s funny, really. When you’re traveling, each moment with new friends seems so temporary, every moment feels so fleeting. And so you immerse yourself. You wrap yourself in experience andContinue reading “Hoi An”

3 Stooges and a Hai Van Pass

24 January 2019 I will be the first to admit that I am nervous to complete this drive in the dark. Granted, I’ve been pushing boundaries for a while and have handled everything thrown at me reasonably well. Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder whether this is a boundary I should leave alone. Of theContinue reading “3 Stooges and a Hai Van Pass”

Waterpark Wanderings + The Imperial City

We spend another two days in Hue due in no small part, again, to a killer hangover. Yes, there is a trend here and no, we aren’t going to judge it. Clay and I spend a full day bingeing on a show on Netflix while Paul spends said full day trying to get his phoneContinue reading “Waterpark Wanderings + The Imperial City”