Hanoi: First Impressions

Pictured: Nervous smile before indulging in cow tail soup.  Getting into Hanoi is like stepping through a portal into a drastically different world. As our Grab taxi emerges from the airport parking lot, we find ourselves barreling down a freeway, passing ramps and overpasses. There are more lanes than I can discern, and cars, trucksContinue reading “Hanoi: First Impressions”

A Day in Vientiane

On the 27th of December Louis and I leave Vang Vieng for Vientiane. He’s flying into Vietnam from there, and me? Well I’m a sucker for temples and Vientiane is simply a place I want to see. Don’t need much more reason than that, right? Having gotten used to our slow mornings and late wakeContinue reading “A Day in Vientiane”

Buggying in VV

Once we’ve recovered from our Christmas celebrations, we decide to finally do some of the sightseeing around Vang Vieng. Took us long enough. Former-party-town-turned-outdoor-adventure-destination, Vang Vieng has various caves, waterfalls, viewpoints and lagoons that you can visit. Following recommendations from friends, we decided to head to the blue lagoons and Tham Phu Kham Cave. “If youContinue reading “Buggying in VV”

5 Hours

If my previous posts haven’t been clear enough indicators yet, the blessings in Pai were aplenty. Beautiful friends, stunning adventures, breathtaking moments and starry nights that turned into slow moving mornings. Another one of these blessings is that I made a best friend and travel partner. We met by chance, of course, and hit itContinue reading “5 Hours”