A Cheeky Tam Coc Visit

It is now January 4th. The guys left yesterday – I cried, of course. Louis has stayed another night and we’ve decided to head to Ninh Bình together. We’ve been told it’s “Ha Long Bay on land,” and have heard from various people that it’s meant to be beautiful. At only 2 hours away byContinue reading “A Cheeky Tam Coc Visit”

Ha Long Bay and Goodbyes

On January 1st we are all down for the count. We spend the entire day at Republik because the thought of going outside to get food or water is too much. That’s what happens when you dance in the street until the morning. So, we spend the entire day lounging. We order pizza, then moreContinue reading “Ha Long Bay and Goodbyes”

A Very Hanoi New Year

Our third day in Hanoi is New Year’s Eve. I spend the day exploring the city with friends. We drink coffee, we play around on Hanoi’s famous train street. The guys go out on an expedition to get SIM cards for their phones. We talk to other backpackers, trying to figure out where we willContinue reading “A Very Hanoi New Year”

Hanoi: First Impressions

Pictured: Nervous smile before indulging in cow tail soup.  Getting into Hanoi is like stepping through a portal into a drastically different world. As our Grab taxi emerges from the airport parking lot, we find ourselves barreling down a freeway, passing ramps and overpasses. There are more lanes than I can discern, and cars, trucksContinue reading “Hanoi: First Impressions”