Trang An

If Hanoi is chaos in perfect synchronization, Trang An is where the soul goes to rest. Riding in, all I can hear is the sound of our engines. The moment we park and cut the engines, there is silence. It’s a silence that has body, a silence that envelops you. After the excitement of theContinue reading “Trang An”

Take Two

Post collision, I am relieved that we have returned to Hanoi for a break. Luckily, Paul’s injuries seem to be minimal. A possible concussion, and some pretty heavy bruising on his collarbone and shoulder. Not great, of course, but all things considered, it could have been a lot worse. We are all quite aware of that.Continue reading “Take Two”


The day after I purchase Elektra, the guys arrive back from the North. We meet for drinks and between their tired faces and their stories from the road, they already look every bit the experienced biker. They congratulate me on my purchase, they ask how she rides. “Well, I haven’t actually ridden her yet.” OutContinue reading “Departure”