Loy Krathong, Light & Love

When I arrived at the first hostel of my trip, I was a little overwhelmed. With no common room or other common spaces to socialize, I wasn’t sure how I would meet people. As a solo traveler, common rooms are your holy grail. They are the easiest place to start making connections. On my firstContinue reading “Loy Krathong, Light & Love”

Yee Peng & Trusting Your Timing

About seven or eight years ago, long before I really began planning a trip to Southeast Asia, long before the things that got me here would happen, I saw a photo of twinkling lanterns in the sky. I can’t recall whether it was on Facebook or Google. I can’t remember whether it was Instagram orContinue reading “Yee Peng & Trusting Your Timing”

Strange Faces, Familiar Places

Yesterday’s arrival in Bangkok brought with it a feeling of ease; a feeling of home. I’ve never been to this part of the world before. I’ve never heard these particular noises, never taken in these particular smells. There is no one here I know. And yet, curiously enough, I felt a feeling of “coming back.”Continue reading “Strange Faces, Familiar Places”


Floating above a bed of clouds, last night’s home was a little pod of luxury 11,277 meters up in the sky – yes, I checked the little info screen for that. You might recall me telling you about how I got a crazy amount of help when booking my plane tickets, resulting in me happy-cryingContinue reading “Privilege”