I had originally written an entirely different text to accompany this photo I wanted to share today. I wanted to share my complicated relationship with my body image. I wanted us to talk about the ups and downs that come with not fitting into certain molds; of tying your self-worth to societal constructs. I wantedContinue reading “Marathon”

5 Hours

If my previous posts haven’t been clear enough indicators yet, the blessings in Pai were aplenty. Beautiful friends, stunning adventures, breathtaking moments and starry nights that turned into slow moving mornings. Another one of these blessings is that I made a best friend and travel partner. We met by chance, of course, and hit itContinue reading “5 Hours”

Moments Like These

Over the past few months I have had more surreal “pinch me” moments than I can recall having ever had before. In a way, a part of me thinks it’s a result of being open to them at all, really. You know how when you’ve met a person you think you’ve never seen before andContinue reading “Moments Like These”