This week has been a strange one for us all. It is the culmination of past weeks that have been strange; it is the beginning of weeks that for many of us are about to become even stranger. I am inside at the moment, as I was yesterday and as I will be in theContinue reading “Solidarity”

Moments Like These

Over the past few months I have had more surreal “pinch me” moments than I can recall having ever had before. In a way, a part of me thinks it’s a result of being open to them at all, really. You know how when you’ve met a person you think you’ve never seen before andContinue reading “Moments Like These”


Floating above a bed of clouds, last night’s home was a little pod of luxury 11,277 meters up in the sky – yes, I checked the little info screen for that. You might recall me telling you about how I got a crazy amount of help when booking my plane tickets, resulting in me happy-cryingContinue reading “Privilege”

Toilet Paper, “Lasts” and Little N

Approximately two weeks ago, I suddenly began feeling things in “lasts.” It started with toilet paper. I was standing in the supermarket and I shit you not (ha, see what I did there?), I grabbed a pack of toilet paper and suddenly felt a wave of sadness. I felt sad because I thought “this is theContinue reading “Toilet Paper, “Lasts” and Little N”