TEDxAmsterdamWomen Talent Night

It’s been a bit quiet around these parts lately; there has been a lot going on. Those who follow me on Instagram will know that over the past few months I have left my job and become self-employed. It has been a period of rapid growth as I rediscover existing skills while also learning newContinue reading “TEDxAmsterdamWomen Talent Night”

Creative Mornings: ‘INSECURE’

Happy days! I have had lots going on behind the scenes over here the past few months. As I navigate my new direction and the new opportunities I’m seeking, it’s been a bit of a balancing act. I have many more updates to come, but I’d like to begin with this one: the video ofContinue reading “Creative Mornings: ‘INSECURE’”

The Racist Spectrum

Feeling triggered yet? Me too. In the +/- 2 weeks since sharing my experiences with racism in the Dutch Caribbean and in the Netherlands, I have had some very interesting conversations about racism. People have reached out to ask questions, to share their own stories, or in many cases, simply to say: thank you forContinue reading “The Racist Spectrum”

Ik Heb Een Naam

  I originally posted this on June 4th. It has sparked many conversations since then which has led me to think that it needs to live on this website as well. I highly recommend that you listen to the audio file. For those who need (or even prefer) the assistance of the written text, I’llContinue reading “Ik Heb Een Naam”


I had originally written an entirely different text to accompany this photo I wanted to share today. I wanted to share my complicated relationship with my body image. I wanted us to talk about the ups and downs that come with not fitting into certain molds; of tying your self-worth to societal constructs. I wantedContinue reading “Marathon”