About Me


Hey there, hi, hello –

Welcome to my corner of the internet, or as I like to call it –  that place where I get to write without the limitations of Instagram’s character count.

First things first: my preferred pronouns are she/her. I start with this because I would like for us as a society to become more intentional in how we approach and speak to one another. In challenging our own assumptions, we create the space for all of us to feel seen and embraced.

I was born and raised under the Caribbean sun and have spent the past almost decade figuring myself out in and around Amsterdam.

I own many, many scribbled notebooks – I promise to show you them one day, and my stories are never short. An all-around optimist, I’ve never met a situation I couldn’t romanticize or a silver lining I couldn’t find.

This is the space where I’ll share stories, be they triumphs, losses or just a story about a croissant I ate. Baked goods are important, too. I want to talk about everything under the sun, and so I will.

But more than anything I’ll be over here reminding you that your imperfect humanity is my favorite thing about you – it’s my favorite thing about me, too.

I’m here to show you the beauty in your vulnerability, the grace in your mistakes, the value in your flaws. I’m here, in short, to be your friend.

So hello friend. If you’ve read this far, I’m already so, so grateful.

P.S. I was never destined to write this in third person. Sorry, not sorry.