Luang Prabang City Guide

Pictured: The view from the top of Mount Phou Si.


  • Mount Phou Si – It’s a bit of a hike up to the top, but in my opinion oh so worth it. The stairs take you past various different statues and everything is ornate and beautifully maintained. The view at sunset is beautiful, but be aware that just like you, there will be many, many other tourists. You’ll have to look past some of the selfie-taking and be able to laugh off some of the madness.
  • Vat Nong Sikhounmuang – Really, you’ll be running into temples no matter where you go in Luang Prabang. This one was – in my opinion – particularly beautiful.
  • Bamboo bridge – Just cross it, it’s beautiful.
  • Kuang Si Waterfall – There are no words to describe it. Rent yourself a scooter, make the drive and just let yourself stare in awe. I sat under the water of the waterfall for quite a while, it was just the most surreal place.


  • Street Food – Right before Indigo Café there is an alleyway packed with street food. From grilled meat, frogs and fish to a vegetarian buffet, there’s something for everyone in here and it is all so good. I’d highly recommend the coconut pancakes as well.
  • Tamarind Just absolutely delicious traditional Lao food. It’s so worth sampling all the different dishes and getting a taste for the cuisine. I’d recommend trying out the tasting platters!
  • Indigo Café – Really good lunch place that also serves a delicious coffee.
  • Utopia – This place is literally a utopia tucked away between the trees along the river. Go there during the day and enjoy their food, the view and the relaxation. Go there in the evening and enjoy some drinks and catch up with your friends around the fire pit.
  • The Bowling Alley – This is just an experience you do not want to miss. Trust me.

Hostel Recommendation:

  • Aham Backpackers Hostel – A no-frills hostel, but really it has everything you need. I stayed In an 8 bed mixed dorm for $5.50 per night. The beds were clean, there was air-conditioning, and each bed has a shelf (these are things you begin to appreciate when you are constantly in hostels). The staff were all very friendly and the breakfast was really good – try the pancakes!

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