Floating above a bed of clouds, last night’s home was a little pod of luxury 11,277 meters up in the sky – yes, I checked the little info screen for that. You might recall me telling you about how I got a crazy amount of help when booking my plane tickets, resulting in me happy-crying in the bathroom at work. In case this photo of me being bougie as shit doesn’t tip you off, I’ll tell you more about it now. Because yes, that’s right, this little chicken ended up flying business class all the way to Bangkok. Whaaaaaat?

I don’t know about you, but to me this is absolute, amazing insanity. I’ve never flown business class before and to do so when embarking on a journey like this is just the icing on an already overly gorgeous cake.

I’m not gonna lie, I debated whether or not I should share this detail of my trip. I wondered what people might say. And then I thought: fuck that. I was gifted this. It’s a beautiful gift and I am going to soak it up. I refuse to censor that.

And so yesterday I checked in my backpack. I stood on a red carpet while doing so. I said my last goodbye and headed in towards the gate. But first: the business lounge because guess what? I’m allowed in there –ha! I boarded via the priority lane and once on the plane, I was looked after by a happy, smiling lady called Nicolette. Giddy with ever-growing excitement, I told Nicolette that this is my first time in business class. I told her I’m going on an adventure and this is the first part. I said to her: can you imagine? How lucky am I? She agreed. We bonded over our eerily similar names. What are the chances, right? She told me the next plane would be different but that I would love it too – “I’ll bet,” I said.

Giddy with excitement, I drank champagne and ate beautiful little hors d’oeuvres. I sprayed my face with a moisturizing mist and applied face cream. I went to the bathroom and laughed because it was almost as big as the bathroom in the apartment I just moved out of.

I did all of those things and was acutely aware of how crazy lucky I am. Acutely aware of how privileged I am to have all of these experiences; of how grateful I am that I have people who will do this for me.

I did all of those things and enjoyed it thoroughly. I savored every sip and I slept like a little angel baby in my fully reclined chair.

Today I’m in Bangkok. Today things aren’t pretty little hors d’oeuvres laid out on perfect china. Today isn’t wrapping myself in a cozy blanket while someone brings me tea.

Today I am giddy with excitement because it’s hot here. I’m sweaty and could definitely use a shower –seriously. Today things are loud and a little bit dusty.

Today I will board a night train where I will sleep in a bunk bed in a train car with a bunch of other strangers. Tomorrow I’ll be in my first hostel of this trip –with many more yet to come.

Yesterday and today are wildly different. But as I happily sit in a hot, crowded train station waiting to depart, I am acutely aware that today is a privilege all the same.

Where am I going with this? Not anywhere, really. I suppose today I want nothing more than to share the importance of thoughtful examination and recognition of privilege. I am privileged and I know that. I try to remember that, always – like this post, I write these things down so I won’t forget. I try to remember my privilege and to acknowledge it. I feel that when I do so, that’s the moment I am able to use it for good.

I can’t say for sure, but I am going to posit that there’s a big chance that like me, you have lots to be grateful for. So let’s do it. Let’s be thankful, let’s try to do so as often as we can.

Yesterday and today are wildly different and I am giddily excited about them both. I am grateful for them both and I am aware that both are an absolute, total privilege. So I’m going to give them that recognition and I’m going to tell you another hundred or so times how grateful I am to be here.

For now, see you tomorrow in Chiang Mai. I’m off, time to go be giddy in a train car.

6 thoughts on “Privilege

  1. Funny coincidences in life, last week because of a looot of happenstance I had my first (and let’s be honest: probably last) long haul-international flight-business class (and business lounge) experience myself, and now I’m reading about your experience! I love these coincidinks. Is Oprah handing out early Christmas upgrades? Anyways, I can totally feel your wonder from here :). (And you’re totally allowed to share your marvel at these things.) (I mean, facial mist? Who even comes up with that?) Enjooooooooy Thailand and Chiang Mai in particular, it’s an amazing place and a wonderful start for an adventure, can’t wait to read more about it!


    1. Whaaat no way! That is such a coincidink! I adore that you just had the same experience, isn’t it so freaking cool?! I will forever marvel at this stuff. And that facial mist!! Oooomygodyes. As for Thailand it’s only been a few hours and I already feel so at home! So happy! And soooo curious to see Chiang Mai! Yaaaay! Xxx


  2. Kolitji. Kon mi por volg no trip? This is soo cool. Ekke ta asina proud di bo pasobra ami nunka a durf biaha mi so. Enjoy the trip. Loves


    1. Danki Ekke!! ❤️❤️❤️ Mi ta bai sigui skibi mi verhaaltjes nan dus bo por follow e blog pa eseinan! Lo mi post riba Instagram tambe. Danki danki, I am so happy so far!! Love you xxx


  3. Dushi, Don’t you know by now that you deserve every and each one of your blessings. A little bird told about the flight class gift and I was so happy for you. And reading you be so appreciative of it, the more happy I feel for you. Embrace your blessings sweet girl, you deserve each and every one on them. Big hug.


    1. Thank you thank you sweet Ronald, for always sending me such positive vibes and so much love! I am overwhelmed with blessings in this life, and will forever be so appreciative of that. Sending you the biggest hug! xxx


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